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REPAIR–Effective Parenting Tip

None of us is perfect!  We all make mistakes and have needed areas of improvement.  Here is an easy way to remember how to improve.





–When people call on you, respond in a reasonable time.

–When people talk to you, listen to them and answer them

–When you see someone in trouble, come to their assistance

–Return phone calls, emails, etc.

–Write thank you cards—Gratitude, not attitude



–Do it with zeal (enthusiasm), even if it not so exciting

–Do it with a positive attitude and a smile



–Be on time

–Show up when you say you will

–Respect care of other people’s time as well as your own

–Double check appointments



–Show up

–Say what you will do and do what you say you will do

–Turn things in

–Pay bills on time

–Deliver the service you promise

–Follow through and check in



–Think up new things and do them

–Be inventive, creative and idealistic, dream a lot- A dream is just a dream, a plan is a dream with a plan and a deadline. “A dream is just a dream, a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline”  Harvey Mckay



–Pay attention to your need for good nutrition, good sleep and self-care

–Figure out your own plans and solutions

–Don’t ask for help when you can do it yourself

–Know where to find help and how and what to ask

–Solve problems with ingenuity

–Make things work for you

–Use your imagination in figuring out how to fix something

–Use most everything, waste little




by Rick Concoff copyright 2011

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