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Parenting to Grandparenting

As my kids grew up, I remember lamenting the passage of each age, and the loss of the trappings that grace each phase; baby powder, car seats, booster seats, toys everywhere…

then school winter concerts, fanciful birthday parties, school dances, the angst of adolescence and of course, my children’s perception that I was all powerful and all knowing. I said a wistful goodbye at each juncture…

Well here I am…..again…

toy box in living room, booster seat in car…

telling goodnight stories to my granddaughter, her head on my shoulder…

and moving again through the amazing, dramatic and unfolding lives of my dear teen-age stepchildren.

My life with children is like the movie “Groundhog Day”.

I cherish all these moments I thought I would never experience again,

side by side with my lovely Heather, love of my life. I choose life every day.
Thank you universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Rick Concoff, MA

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