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Tip for Parenting your Teen When They are Having a Bad Day

Share this with your kids if they have had a bad day, or even a good day!

You are among friends.  No problem is insurmountable, or permanent.
Wisdom and growth come from hardship, from what is experienced as pain.  Pain and strong emotions are pointers for focusing our attention on those areas that we need to pay attention to, to see a new way, guide us to making an uncomfortable change or be vulnerable in a way that feels scary.
Here is a message for you at this moment.  This helps to ground me so I can find the way through this complicated life:
That you have a life is a gift, a blessing, a miracle.
You are meant to be.    Your life is a gift. 
You are here for a reason.
The moment you were conceived was a magical moment. Had it not happened at that moment, you would not be who you are, or here now.   As a matter of fact, you would not be.
No matter how hard things are, with ups and downs, successes and disappointments, you are here for a reason.  The world will be different for your contributions.  Everyone you know, meet or even pass by will find their life changed because of you.
If you are driving and you take a different route home, everyone who would have encountered you on the original route won’t, and everyone who would not have encountered you on the alternate route will.  Even if someone has to stop for 30 seconds because your reached the intersection with the stop sign first, their trajectory is forever changed, even if a little bit.
So, imagine if you started unconditionally loving yourself, if you started believing in the importance of you as a participant in the great chain of human existence with the possibility of making a difference.  It is your turn.  For all of the billions of people who have lived, and all of the billions yet to be conceived and born, you are it, and the time is now.
It doesn’t matter whether what you do is big or small.  Helping a person in need is in its own way as big as stopping world hunger.  When you help one person, you help the whole world.  It doesn’t matter whether you do it as a server at a Coffee Shop, as a checker at a market or a writer of a profound book.  It matters.  You matter.
Of course, others matter too, so don’t forget you are on a team, and on the team of life, we all matter and every single member can make a difference.  The map and road to your destiny lies deep within your heart.  Seek it out, pay attention and follow it.  Notice whom your guides, mentors and advocates are, listen to them, sort through their message, and take their inspiration and advice with you on your journey.  They are your angels!
As you navigate the road to adulthood, no doubt you will struggle from time to time with your parents.  Send them to for inspiration, guidance and a few ideas on how to make it work better.  They love you and always will, even if it is not easy or doesn’t show.
Their biggest gift to you is that YOU are HERE!
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In Love and Light –
Rick Concoff and the Team
Copyright 2011

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