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Welcome to our site.  I am Rick Concoff, M.A., and have been an educator and mentor for children of all ages including grade school, pre-teen and teen for over 35 years.  I have directed camps, taught all kinds of classes in many kinds of schools, worked as a Guidance Counselor, a Waldorf Teacher, a music teacher, parenting educator, teacher mentor and educator, consultant and Jewish Educator as well.


Teaching Teens about Healthy Relationships


I have taught, mentored and graduated thousands of students.  Sadly, I have attended memorial services of 12 of my students, between the ages of 9 and 32.  The circumstances included car accidents, outdoors accidents, alcohol poisoning, suicide, illness and drug overdose.   The cause in most cases was “one bad or unfortunate decision.”

That is why  I created this site, Parenting Panic Button!  

My mission is to keep young people

challenged, happy, safe, growing and alive!

If you or someone you are with are in crisis or this is an emergency, immediately call 911 and follow the advice..  A parent of a child, teen or young adult should always bring physical, mental, social and other concerns to  a professional as such a doctor, therapist or psychologist . Hotlines and emergency advice lines are sometimes listed on this site and can help as well. If this is not an emergency, read on…

I have created and taught a curriculum called “Values and Virtues” to teens and pre-teens for a number of years.   The success of this curriculum is based in the process of co-creating with the students, the sacred and safe space of a sharing circle within which we discuss, role-play and experience good and healthy decision making on all levels.  The issues we discuss include honesty, truth, lying, cheating, stealing, shoplifting, drug and alcohol use, self-harm, gossiping, risk-taking, internet use, cyber bullying, texting, “sexting”, relationships, privacy and secrecy as well as many other issues.


We embrace the “power of yes and no” as we realize that almost everything we do in life is contingent on saying yes and no at the right time.


Values and Virtues, Teen Class



This website and all the information within provides ideas, opinions and possible strategies for parents and adults in working with children and teens. The opinions on this site are intended to inspire healthy parenting and is not intended to replace professional and or clinical attention, diagnosis and treatment.   We recommend you seek out an appropriate qualified professional when you have any parenting concerns.  This site also includes information, opinions and strategies for children and teens in dealing with various issues.  It is not intended to be or replace professional or clinical advice.  Any suggested websites, books, resources or referral lists are to be investigated and used at the discretion of the user, and the the user is recommended to research validity, appropriateness and credibility of all such suggested material and services.  Opinions expressed by linked and featured authors do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the author(s) of the site.  The material on this website is not intended to be prescriptive   OR REPLACE clinical inquiry, counseling, or therapeutic purposes, and is for coaching and informational purposes only and used at the users own risk and discretion.  All original material is copy-written and may be forwarded or shared with proper credit given, and only used or copied with permission from the authors.

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