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Values and Virtues

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Effective Parenting Speaker, Teacher, Coach

In our parenting classes, with helpful tips for pre-school through young adults, we help parents in making effective choices concerning parenting styles, discipline, consequences (rather than punishment) instilling initiative in their children, choosing their battles, listening, being present and doing the best job of guiding their children into being functional, successful, happy, contributing adults.

We help parents with such tasks as instilling good life habits, dealing with getting their children out of the house issues in the morning, and guiding children to find solutions to their own problems and conflicts.  Our curriculum encourages parents to remember not to “take it personally” but to take it seriously with a good dose of humor, because a lot of it is just downright amusing.

We show parents how to take simple actions in everyday life; common things that you can do and respond to all day long to create a curriculum of “Values and Virtues” for your children at home that is founded not in preaching and lecturing, but in living actions that you would like to see mirrored in your children.

This site can also be helpful to grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, “honorary relatives”, older brothers, sisters, clergy member, and therapists.

Finally, this site is dedicated to our understanding of the impact of all substances, ranging from drugs, alcohol, sex, media, and technology on our lives and the lives of our children and their development and role that addiction can play in halting the emerging of a whole human self.


Effective Parenting Classes- Speaker, Teacher and Coach


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