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Parenting Your Teens and Media-Part 3

Marshall Mckluen, the ‘60s visionary who wrote and lectured on the assets and liabilities of media and particularly television, pointed out that every new invention creates the possibility of making what preceded it obsolete. It depends on the conscious and unconscious intention. Power screwdrivers have been a great time and effort saver, yet we still find uses for a conventional screwdriver.  Cars are a daily necessity, and yet we still ride bikes and walk.  E-books and audio books offer incredible choices in keeping well-read, and we still buy books.  We can hear and see any kind of music in the world with audio devices, and yet we still pay high prices for live concerts.  In Mcluen’s illustration of the invention and subsequent societal saturation with the car, he suggests that we must … Read entire article »

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Parenting Your Teens and Media-Part 2

Parenting of teens and children has been here since the beginning of time. Before adolescence came to be, we simply had childhood and then adulthood.   However, there has always been a transitional period from childhood to adulthood.   There has been some kind of quintessential struggle, in that to rear a child is a juxtiposition of directing a child towards independence, and holding them back when they are about to jump too far, or miss a step.  Raising children brings the challenge of choosing our battles, staying uncharged, calm, and rational. Media, in all of its different forms has been here since the beginning of the written word. It’s been here in its most primitive form on cave walls, and its most current form in various virtual medians. There have always been people … Read entire article »

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Parenting Your Teens and Media-Part 1

Children and teens will always be attracted to the latest version of media, chomping at the bit to own the newest version of the newest gadget. The striving for connection in a busy high-speed society births a strong urge for mediums to do so. To resist and try to block it is an ultimately futile endeavor.  To give children and teens license and unrestricted access, and ignore the pitfalls is neglectful.  The question is not whether we will “allow” a child exposure to a given stimulus, but when.  That however becomes more and more difficult with the media saturation of our lives.  It is easy to blame media for the ills of our society and the habits of our children.  We have villanized entities which have no inherent moral ills for … Read entire article »

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