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Summer Camp is Here Again!

For some kids and teenagers, summer is a time to rest, relax, vacation, sleep in and forget about responsibility.  The novelty usually wears off as the second month of summer vacation sets in and the enjoyment is often replaced by excessive sleeping, immersion in video games and social media, and complaining of boredom. Such behavior is common with teenagers.  Younger children can be drawn towards sibling rivalry, excessive videos, and whines of “there’s nothing to do.”   In parenting teens and young kids, you’ll observe that without the routines of the school year, they are prone to getting into mischief. You don’t need to worry about these things in your household because you have the option of Summer Camp. It offers much fun, adventuring and personal growth are offered there. Summer Camp … Read entire article »

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Summer Camp Gives Many Gifts for Kids!

Enjoy this article from Common Ground about the benefits of summer camp. … Read entire article »

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