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Gratitude; Noticing things that went right today

We tend to focus on the things that go wrong each day.  We often obsess on our plight as the victim, the recipient of such bad luck.  Did you ever stop to make a list of the things that went “right”.  It is more  mundane, less dramatic but significantly more important, and better for your soul and the souls of those that have to listen to your story.  Here is my list for today! I woke up alive and well. My MRI was negative. I found my car keys just in time My car started. My power didn’t go out. I didn’t get in an accident. I didn’t drop my cell phone in the toilet. I didn’t lose my credit cards. I have all of my appendages. My mom and dad are okay. My granddaughter called. I have enough money for today. My … Read entire article »

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The Young Man with the Missing Hand Part 2

We are all missing something.  Some of us are fortunate enough to know what it is and will be able to learn the lesson that lives in its place.  It must be more painful for someone to know something is missing but to not know what it is.  It must be even more painful to find out that the thing that you will soon be missing is your life.  That is my not my story for now.  The lesson that is mine to learn now is illusive and beautiful and revealing and true.  The truth has a perfect juxtaposition of joy and sadness.  I get to go on and bring more lessons to myself and others.  That is my gift. And so, I walk forward in anticipation, trepidation, hope and glory … Read entire article »

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The Young Man with the Missing Hand Part 1

I saw one being, my angel walking in the mall yesterday.  I was on the way in; he was on the way out.  Or was he on the way in and I was on the way out. He wore a baseball Cap and all the attire. He wore baggy pants low and had a tight logo shirt on his showing his” six pack”.  He was perfect. Perfect in every way.  He had the look.  He seemed confident, happy and perfectly content. He walked with a gait of strength. He walked proudly as if he had a left hand. His arm ended in a perfect shape, proudly displayed as if he had a hand.  I imagine he never had a hand and yet he proceeded with elegant composure, directness and determination. If … Read entire article »

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When Things are Bad and you Have a Challenge

When things are bad or you have a challenge or even just a bad day you might tell yourself that it could always be worse.  Look for the silver linings. Try this exercise: Make a list of all the items that are silver linings and gifts from your challenge. It may seem silly. It may seem fruitless. It may be hard. Simply state your challenge and all of the challenges it creates and all of the challenges that are created by the challenges that it creates. Describe how you feel about it. Cry, if you need to, or if you haven’t in a long time. It feels good afterwards. Here’s how I did it! State your challenge out loud: “I have a right hand that will not open up by itself due to arthritic issues in … Read entire article »

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