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30 is the new 10, or at best 20; Raising an adult child

I recently had lunch with my old buddy and his 35 year-old son.  As we were celebrating that “50” is the “new 60”, and “50” is the “new 40”, he chimed in, yeah and “30 is the new 10”.  We all laughed at that comment! There are many, many young adults between the ages of 18-35 who have successfully moved into adulthood. (How To Be and Adult) and my blog 18 steps to becoming an adult.   If your grown child falls into the category of being a true adult, is self-supporting and self-empowered, then kudos to you for your contribution as a parents, and kudos to them for stepping up and showing up.  This article may not apply to them or you. However, if you are in the growing group of parents … Read entire article »

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Where Do Our Children Learn Bullying? From us!

Driving is an easy vehicle to practice ending the “bullying cycle” You are driving the safe speed limit on a windy country road after dark and the person behind you is in a hurry.  You can feel the tension.  You can see the tension through the flashing high beams.  There is nowhere to pull off and the double yellow line is properly painted to discourage passing.  You can see the look on the person’s face and they are motioning you to speed up.  You know any faster would be unsafe, and the impatient driver behind you doesn’t care.  He is determined to make you go faster, flashing lights, motioning for you to pull over or speed up, honking and shaking his hand at you.  There is nowhere to pull over!  The … Read entire article »

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How much is your honor worth?

Whether you are parenting teens or thinking about your own habits, here is great test for your value system. Before doing something that has a feeling of dishonesty, or when trying to decide if something is right or wrong, ask yourself, “How much is my honor worth?” Here are examples of situations you might question: You keep the change when you give someone a $10 and get change back for a $20. Whoops, you get to the car with your bags of merchandise and notice a bag of M&M’s they forgot to charge you for. You figure what the heck and don’t go back in. You back into a pole in your own driveway and no one sees. You tell the insurance company it was a hit and run and collect the damages. You take a … Read entire article »

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