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Some of the best advice I ever got “Feel your Feelings”

So much of what I bring here has come from and through others in my life.  Mentors, advisors, teachers, family members, friends and yes, even “teachers” I wish I hadn’t had at all. It was fall, three years ago, the beginning of my self-given sabbatical year.   I had everything: love, health, income, friends and a new professional path.  Yet, I was sad, down, full of melancholy, and a bit lost, as if something was missing.  “I shouldn’t be feeling this way…” I shared with a dear friend.  “I should be happy”, I added.  My friend explained to me the challenge with the statements I had just made.  At the moment I make the statement, “I should” or “I shouldn’t”, I create a wall which stops the feeling abruptly, and buries it.  … Read entire article »

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