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Trust is Something you Give

A clean and sober alcoholic reaches out to save a homeless alcoholic who later breaks into his house, attempts to rob him, and ends up stabbing him to death… A long time trusted  church bookkeeper is found to be stealing hundreds of thousands from the church that trusted her…. A “benevolent” man approaches a homeless mom and her children begging for money outside of a department store.  The man befriends the family, takes them inside the store, buys them all kinds of things they need, and wins their trust. During shopping spree he offers to run out for some burgers for the whole family. The naïve and innocent daughter offers to go with him and the desperate mom has a moment of ill-fated trust.  The child is later found dead, the registered … Read entire article »

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Gratitude; Noticing things that went right today

We tend to focus on the things that go wrong each day.  We often obsess on our plight as the victim, the recipient of such bad luck.  Did you ever stop to make a list of the things that went “right”.  It is more  mundane, less dramatic but significantly more important, and better for your soul and the souls of those that have to listen to your story.  Here is my list for today! I woke up alive and well. My MRI was negative. I found my car keys just in time My car started. My power didn’t go out. I didn’t get in an accident. I didn’t drop my cell phone in the toilet. I didn’t lose my credit cards. I have all of my appendages. My mom and dad are okay. My granddaughter called. I have enough money for today. My … Read entire article »

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Appreciate, have gratitude and love what you have!

This is a very touching video about gratitude. The title is “Keep Walking”, and here is what she is saying; I want to walk and run using two legs, I want to hold hands and hug using two hands, It’s an easy thing that everybody does, It’s nothing complicated, Though, I can’t do it. But…. I can believe this, right? That someday, Happiness would come upon the people who are trying hard. Keep walking with my heart, Keep walking with my soul, I will do this, So everybody, please keep walking without giving up. I want to walk and run using two legs, I want to hold hands and hug using two hands, It’s mortifying, my thoughts are filled with tears, I’m mad at myself for not being able to accept it. It’s too hard. But…. I can believe this, right? That someday, I can feel glad that I was born, If … Read entire article »

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