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An Open Letter to Fathers and Men about Daughters and Emerging Young Women

Dear Dads (and other Male Role Models), Our impact on our daughters, nieces, stepdaughters, and granddaughters is immense.  They love us, look up to us, and even revere us.  Sometimes they dislike us, resent us, are disappointed in us and wish we didn’t care so much. When we listen to them, understand them, advise them, and forgive them they appreciate and feel it deeply. When we manifest our “papa bear” desire to protect them from all mistakes and perils with anger, manipulation, and fear we alienate them and even sometimes push them to risky activity.   When we manifest it in a loving, compassionate and mindful way, they will hear us.  They need to make mistakes to grow, and their mistakes touch our heart in the deepest way.  We work to separate sensible … Read entire article »

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