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The Walk of Shame; Glamorizing Drinking

This morning while driving to teach on the first day of school I was listening to the local Pop hip-hop rap favorite station of the kids. You know, the one they listen to on the way to school every day. The morning DJ,  whose name I cannot remember, which is just as well, was being razzed by her colleague and accused of participating in a “walk of shame”.  I listened closely to try to understand what this meant. With clear and overt innuendos, the female DJ explained that last night she had stayed at the bar and was so intoxicated that some “gentleman” she did not know kindly drove her home.  She woke up with “smeared makeup all over”, tired and hung over remembering that when this happened before, she had to … Read entire article »

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Russian Roulette and Risky Activity Part 1

There is no better analogy for risky activity, such as drugs, alcohol, unsafe driving, raging, sexual promiscuity, than that of Russian Roulette. Russian Roulette is a self-destructive game originating in Russia, in which a group of people gather with a pistol with one random round in it, spinning the barrel.  Each takes a turn pointing the pistol at their head and shooting, hoping and betting that they will not get the single round.  Five out of six people end up surviving, and one dies. According to, approximately 15 million Americans are “dependent” on alcohol.  A reported 500,000 of them are children between the ages of 9 and 12.  In 2009, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 6.7 percent of the American population used “illicit drugs”. How is drinking and … Read entire article »

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