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Russian Roulette; Parenting Your Teens and Risky Behaviors Part 2

If you equate “the random bullet” in Russian Roulette with the chance that substances have for impacting your life negatively, one can see the analogy.   In many cases it appears that (viewing statistics) 93%-97% of those who use or experiment with substances will not seem to have noticeable adverse effects.  Five to seven percent will have serious problems. In many cases, children and teens empirically observe adults and peers “using” in front of them, with no apparent adverse consequences.   This can encourage them to believe that they can also use and “get away” without the likelihood of addiction or other related problems. At least with Russian Roulette, the outcome is clear, and you are well aware you are playing with chance, luck or fate.  In substance use, factors such as amount consumed … Read entire article »

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Russian Roulette and Risky Activity Part 1

There is no better analogy for risky activity, such as drugs, alcohol, unsafe driving, raging, sexual promiscuity, than that of Russian Roulette. Russian Roulette is a self-destructive game originating in Russia, in which a group of people gather with a pistol with one random round in it, spinning the barrel.  Each takes a turn pointing the pistol at their head and shooting, hoping and betting that they will not get the single round.  Five out of six people end up surviving, and one dies. According to, approximately 15 million Americans are “dependent” on alcohol.  A reported 500,000 of them are children between the ages of 9 and 12.  In 2009, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 6.7 percent of the American population used “illicit drugs”. How is drinking and … Read entire article »

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To Parents–About Drinking and your Teens…

I was saddened by the tragedy of the alcohol related death of a 14 year-old Middle Rincon student.  My heart goes out to her family and friends. In addition to grieving, we must honor it as a lesson learned. Most young people, who die accidently, die from one bad decision. Parents and Adults –  –Lock up or do not have liquor accessible to children.  –Never buy or supply alcohol to underage people. –There is no such thing as a “safe drinking” party. –Take a heartfelt look at how your use of any substances impacts your children.  You are their role model! –Educate your children authoritatively about the risks of substance use. –Help your children find safe, edgy experiences. –Supervision is paramount. Media and technological devices do not supervise children. Sleepovers especially require vigilant supervision. –Make agreements and emergency plans … Read entire article »

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