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Parenting Tips Blog Index

30 is the new 10, or at best 20; Raising an adult child
A response to the massacre at a grammar school in Connecticut
An Open Letter to Fathers and Men about Daughters and Emerging Young Women
Appreciate, have gratitude and love what you have!
Bad Behavior Thrives on Results
Back to School Pep Talk–Success Strategies
Beautiful Blessing
Boundaries vs. Barriers
Cell Phones and Your Teens…Did you know?
Choosing the Role of Step-Parent Part 1
Choosing the Role of Step-Parent Part II
Clear Way to Make a Good, Right Decision–Sentiment or Heart; Flip a Coin
Collateral, Currency and Clout Part 1
Collateral, Currency and Consequences Part 2
Concerns, Tough Questions and Solutions for Parenting Teens-Part 2
Discipline—Can only Come From Anger, Control or Love
Effective Parenting and Exhaustion–Part 1
Effective Parenting and Exhaustion–Part 2
Feel Powerless in Parenting Your Teens?
Gratitude; Noticing things that went right today
How much is your honor worth?
How to be Heard when Parenting your Teens
Inflicting Our Past on Others; Trying to Change Others; Changing Ourselves
Instructive Criticism in Parenting Teens
Karma Savings Account…It Pays to be Nice!
Letter to Fathers
Make the Feeling of Summer Vacation Last all Year
New School Year, New Story – Help in Parenting Teens-Part 1
New School Year, New Story – How to change your story–Help in Parenting Teens-Part 2
Parenting Advice Blog
Parenting Advice on discussing fun and happiness with your teens
Parenting and Your Child’s Musical Life
Parenting Martial Arts
Parenting our Teens; Helping them with their Stress- Part 1
Parenting Teachable Moments
Parenting Teens at 17
Parenting to Grandparenting
Parenting Your Teens and Media-Part 1
Parenting Your Teens and Media-Part 2
Parenting Your Teens and Media-Part 3
Parenting Your Teens; 10 is the new 30
Pay now or pay later; Parenting Advice that Works!
Perfectionism—An issue for all ages–or 80/20!
Russian Roulette and Risky Activity Part 1
Russian Roulette; Parenting Your Teens and Risky Behaviors Part 2
Some of the best advice I ever got “Feel your Feelings”
Stop Parenting From Exhaustion
Success and confidence: Which comes first?
Summer Camp Gives Many Gifts for Kids!
Summer Camp is Here Again!
The Difference Between Success and Achievement Part 1
The Difference Between Success and Achievement Part 2
The Power of the “Relationship Quality Control Checklist”
The Problem with Losing Weight
The Walk of Shame; Glamorizing Drinking
The Young Man with the Missing Hand Part 1
The Young Man with the Missing Hand Part 2
Tip for Parenting your Teen When They are Having a Bad Day
To Parents–About Drinking and your Teens…
Trust is Something you Give
Two ways of looking at the world—as inspired by philosopher Martin Buber
W.I.M.P? or, What is my part?
What if your adorable 10 year old wrote you this letter on his/her 11th birthday?
What is Life Coaching about?
When Someone Dies
When Things are Bad and you Have a Challenge
Where Do Our Children Learn Bullying? From us!
Who is the Problem?
Your Child’s Music Life

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