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Should Your Teen Drive or Own a Car?

Questions to Answer.  All must be YES.  If any one is NO the student is not ready to drive.

1-Is the individual a young adult?

2-Does the young adult have good impulse control?

3-Does the young adult have a mature relationship with responsibility and ownership of their acitons?

4-Is the young adult substance-free with an agreement?

5-Is the young adult resistant to peer pressure?

6-Is the young adult polite. courteous and respectful to others?

7-Does the young adult know how to manage anger/temper?

8-Are all medications the young adult is taking safe for driving?

9-Do you age agreements with the young adult supporting safe driving?

10-Does the young adult have a source of income to contribute to the expenses of driving?

11- Does your son/daughter have reasonable mental health and good sleep habits?

12-Does your young adult have a good relationship and track record with the truth, with a minimal amount of blaming.




1.Young adults who pay for a significant part of their car, gas and insurance may have less accidents.

2.Young adults who do not have comp are more likely to be careful drivers as they know their car will not be replaced if totaled.?

3.If you put reasonable downpayment on a used car as a contribution to your child’s driving expense, and provide them with an opportunity to make car payments, they will likely have to have a job and learn the value of money and good credit.

4.Some kids are better off riding a bike or walking.

5.You need clear signed agreements with your son/daughter about driving as a responsibility and privilege, and if they are broken, the consequence must involve restriction of car use and followthrough.

6.Substance use of any kind suspends driving privileges until 18 and until the young person can pay for all of their own expenses. (you can make random drug testing part of your agreement. Kits are available at any pharmacy)

7.Your sons/daughters will follow your model of driving habits.

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