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Protective Bubble Blessing for Teens and Young Adults

-Love yourself while acknowledging the gift of the other.

-Express the gratitude that lives in you to others at every opportunity

-Ask the right questions before making a decision.

-Own, remedy and fix your mistakes, and then go on.

-Forgive and see the good in those around you.  Be willing to offer redemption to yourself and others.

-Be accepting and grateful for small, benign afflictions.

It could always be worse

-Dance, sing, laugh, rejoice and celebrate often!  Do forget to cry once and a while too.

-Practice the religion of  “yes and no”.   Realize that almost everything that comes to you or from you involves saying yes and no at the right time.  Think and ask the right questions before every decision, and then go forward with steadfastness. (Make sure your first questions is, “Is this a right thing to do?”

-Acknowledge and feel your sentiment; then listen to your heart.

-Do your best to be truthful, notice and talk about the best in others, and have true equanimity for all.

-Be responsive, reliable, accountable and punctual.

-Before you do or say something negative to someone, ask if it will get a result that is righteous and positive.

-When you are not sure, ask for guidance from “higher places”.

-Listen to your dreams,  morph them into goals and believe you can make a difference.

-Know that there is a reason for your life, and that it is inherently a “miracle”.

-Remember that your body is on loan to your soul, honor it and take care of it.

-Love and regard your family and friends.

-Take care of your loved ones, but don’t “care-take”.

-Don’t try to change others, you can only change yourself.

-If you are going to worry, you might as well pray!

-Never stop growing and learning.

-As the Veahavta says, “love god”.  Don’t worry about whether or not you believe.


Copyright Rick Concoff MA 2011

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