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15 Signs that a Relationship Unhealthy

15 Signs that a Relationship is Co-dependent, Harmful, Abusive or Dysfunctional


Any one of these is reason to question

1.  There is physical, emotional or spiritual or sexual abuse.

2.  You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin when you are around that person.

3.  There is lack of respect and loving kindness.

4.  You change what you know in your heart to fit in the others reality.

5.  You are trying to change the other person, or the other person is trying to change you.

6.  Trust and or honor are absent.

7.  Codependency has taken the place of love.

8.  You do not share core values.

9.  You feel fear or trepidation when the partner comes home and feel relieved when they go away.

10.  You feel undermined or unsupported in your future goals or attempts to succeed as an individual

11.  You or your partner are having secret intimate relationships with others

12.  If you are afraid to end the relationship

13.  If you are “care-taking” the other rather than taking care of the other.

14.  If you find yourself making dismissive, hypercritical remarks about your partner in front of them or behind their back. (or visa versa)

15.  If you are being micromanaged or micromanaging your partner

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