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This website and all the information within provides ideas, opinions and possible strategies for parents and adults in working with children and teens. The opinions on this site are intended to inspire healthy parenting and is not intended to replace professional and or clinical attention, diagnosis and treatment..   We recommend you seek out an appropriate qualified professional when you have any parenting concerns.  This site also includes information, opinions and strategies for children and teens in dealing with various issues.  It is not intended to be or replace professional or clinical advice.  Any suggested websites, books, resources or referral lists are to be investigated and used at the discretion of the user, and the the user is recommended to research validity, appropriateness and credibility of all such suggested material and services.  Opinions expressed by linked and featured authors do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the author(s) of the site.  The material on this website is not intended to be prescriptive   OR REPLACE clinical inquiry, counseling, or therapeutic purposes, and is for coaching and informational purposes only and used at the users own risk and discretion.  All original material is copy-written and may be forwarded or shared with proper credit given, and only used or copied with permission from the authors.

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