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Hold On to Your Kids–Workshop! March 30th, 2014

  “Hold On To Your Kids” is named after the book of the same name by Gordon Newfeld and Gabor Mate. Learn about a blending of traditional Jewish parenting values with a revived concept of the importance of “healthy attachment.” Appropriate for parents of all age children and teens. Do your children think they run the show? Are you unhappy with your children’s peer group choices? Is there an endless loop of circular arguing, negotiating with your children?  Is your child lost behind media and ear buds? Has your sweet child turned into a ball of anger, frustration and emotional outburst? Are you doubting the effectiveness of your “parenting skill and style”? How much of your parenting a reaction the way you were parented? Do you think you are the only parent with challenges? How are your actions and modeling affecting the development of your children?   By Rick Concoff … Read entire article »

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