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Gratitude; Noticing things that went right today

We tend to focus on the things that go wrong each day.  We often obsess on our plight as the victim, the recipient of such bad luck.  Did you ever stop to make a list of the things that went “right”.  It is more  mundane, less dramatic but significantly more important, and better for your soul and the souls of those that have to listen to your story.  Here is my list for today!

I woke up alive and well.

My MRI was negative.

I found my car keys just in time

My car started.

My power didn’t go out.

I didn’t get in an accident.

I didn’t drop my cell phone in the toilet.

I didn’t lose my credit cards.

I have all of my appendages.

My mom and dad are okay.

My granddaughter called.

I have enough money for today.

My wife loves me.

My dentist fixed my tooth.

My air conditioner worked.

I saw the ocean.

I earned a free “coffee” beverage

My kids didn’t forget to bring anything to school.

I remembered to pull my dress shirts out of the dryer before they got wrinkled.

I didn’t run out of ink.

I actually did not leave the stove burner on.

I saw the sightless person step off the curb to cross even though the light was red.

No one in my family is sick today.

My brother called to say hi.

There were no bad messages on my voice mail.

Here is my list of what went wrong.




I can’t remember…..

By Rick Concoff c2013

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