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Effective Parenting and Exhaustion–Part 2

Now that you have taken the first step toward effective parenting and you have someone you can talk to, take the second step towards effective parenting. Decide what is working and what isn’t.  Then choose one thing that isn’t working.  Let’s say it is the morning that is the biggest problem. Bring your family together (make sure your partner is on board).  Do this after dinner the night before.  Let them know what the drill will be in the morning, what the tasks will be and when the “bus leaves”. Make sure each child knows his/her tasks and has them in writing.  Give the kids one wakeup call at the time you think is appropriate, and let them know they will get only one wakeup call.  Do not micromanage them, although you … Read entire article »

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Effective Parenting and Exhaustion–Part 1

“Why can’t I get any respect? I am way too nice and I just give everyone too many chances and everything they want…I try to be balanced in life. I struggle; so does everyone. I want to make everyone happy but what about myself? I feel more confused about life than ever. I am sad, I love people so much and I try to always have the right intentions, I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, I hate crying at 7:30 am getting the double flip off fingers………………. I am not very good at curbing my personality to such strong personalities. I wish I knew the answer…. I just need to sit by the river and relax or something…………” These are the words of a mom who just got … Read entire article »

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