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W.I.M.P? or, What is my part?

Here is some great advice for parenting teens.  You just had an argument with your son   or daughter, or even your father, mother, boss, colleague, teacher, friend, somebody-in-law.  In your mind, it is obvious that you are right, and they are wrong!  There is no question about it.  It is all their fault.  If it wasn’t for them there would not be a problem.  Ask anyone, it will be obvious that I am right.  I am waiting for an apology, this time it is clear, and I am not backing down. Do you recognize this internal conversation?  When parenting teens, it is almost never the total fault of one side.  Occasionally, you are 99.99% right and .01% wrong, but rarely 100%.  If you believe the magical thinking that you can be … Read entire article »

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Make the Feeling of Summer Vacation Last all Year

Every season has a different character, feeling, touch, smell, vista and flavor.  In summer,  sweet fresh fruits and veggies, barbequed delicacies, cold lemonade, iced teas, plentiful sorbets and frozen yogurts seduce our pallet.  The long days, elegant sunsets, sandy beaches and warm evening breezes seem to last forever, punctuated with the zenith of summer, the Solstice.  We have longed for summer during the cold wet winter months, and now, we are finally here. Depending on what stage of life you are in, summer vacation takes on its own story.  Children are enjoying a reprieve from school and early rising, as well as heading for camps of all kinds.  Teens are on journies that take them all over the world. Young adults are graduating from high school, college, and celebrating summer weddings.  … Read entire article »

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What is Life Coaching about?

A Life Coach is a fairly new profession which includes individuals who have an expertise in various pursuits, choices, and life-choice directions.  A life coach is often an elder with similar traits to a wise aunt or grandmother, an insightful uncle or grandfather, an esteemed teacher or career mentor.  A life coach can help you identify and recognize challenges and problems, and explore solutions.   Coaching features guided conversations in which the client finds inspiration to move forward in pursuits, dreams and goals.  It can be great for children and adults of all ages.  A life coach can often be a great starting point for people to get help on their life path, and can play a strategic role in making directed and appropriate referrals for people who seem to have problems … Read entire article »

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