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Pay now or pay later; Parenting Advice that Works!

There are a large number of lessons we have to learn from infancy to adulthood in order to make us functional, happy, well-adjusted, self-supporting adults.  As a matter of fact, there are hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands. We learn most of these lessons from observation, being taught, or common sense realization. Others, we learn through experiencing consequences to our actions.   As children we may be taught the importance of sharing, why we should not hit others, and why we use the toilet and not our pants.  As we get older we generally learn things that are reflective of our age and maturity.  If the sign says, “walk” but a car is speeding through, don’t walk.  Don’t eat random wild mushrooms if you are not a mushroom expert.  Don’t take a … Read entire article »

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Clear Way to Make a Good, Right Decision–Sentiment or Heart; Flip a Coin

  Imagine you have a decision to make.  It is a difficult decision and one that necessitates mindful attention.  The decision is a huge one, one that will take you on a very different path than any other decision.  Or, it is a small, but essential, pivotal decision of the moment.  Try the following practice. Notice your sentiment.  Sentiment is feeling based on emotion, opinion, self-concern, fear, sadness, nostalgia. It has the Latin root word for “feel” in its very fiber.  It often starts with “I should…”, “I am afraid…”, “What if…”, “I will miss…”, “I fear..”, “I can’t…”, “I shouldn’t,,”  It has lots of “buts” and “ifs”. After you immerse yourself in your sentiment, know that it is not a great basis for a decision.  It could cause you to miss a great opportunity.  … Read entire article »

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Letter to Fathers

Please enjoy this article in Common Ground: An Open Letter to Fathers about Daughters and Men about Emerging Young Women   Rick                                           … Read entire article »

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