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Appreciate, have gratitude and love what you have!

This is a very touching video about gratitude. The title is “Keep Walking”, and here is what she is saying; I want to walk and run using two legs, I want to hold hands and hug using two hands, It’s an easy thing that everybody does, It’s nothing complicated, Though, I can’t do it. But…. I can believe this, right? That someday, Happiness would come upon the people who are trying hard. Keep walking with my heart, Keep walking with my soul, I will do this, So everybody, please keep walking without giving up. I want to walk and run using two legs, I want to hold hands and hug using two hands, It’s mortifying, my thoughts are filled with tears, I’m mad at myself for not being able to accept it. It’s too hard. But…. I can believe this, right? That someday, I can feel glad that I was born, If … Read entire article »

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Inflicting Our Past on Others; Trying to Change Others; Changing Ourselves

Years ago I read a fantastic book entitled “The Drama of the Gifted Child”, by Alice Miller, who deals with many issues including how children cope with and survive child abuse. The lesson I learned from this book, I carry with me each day.  You cannot change the past.   You can forget it, ignore it, or come to terms with it, and then move forward. Inflicting our Past on Others; Trying to Change Others There is, however, one disturbing way in which some people attempt to change the past.  Alice Miller explains that the most damaging and extreme form of “inflicting of the past on others by trying to change it” is when a person who has experienced abuse and mistreatment in their childhood transposes a group of people into “helpless, victimized him/herself” … Read entire article »

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The Power of the “Relationship Quality Control Checklist”

A number of years ago, I had gotten out of a difficult, dysfunctional relationship which I had freely chosen (for what I now believe are the lessons I needed to learn).  Those lessons have put me in a fantastic place today, and I am grateful for that journey. When I entered past relationships (“significant-other” types) I did not ask the right questions of myself pertinent to the values, views, attitudes, disposition, temperament, religious issues, political views, social behaviors, social habits, and many other issues related to happiness and success of the relationship. In past times, once I became attracted to the individual and entered the relationship (often because the person “wanted to be with me”), I became blinded towards my needs, values and moreover BOUNDARIES.  I moved into a place of becoming … Read entire article »

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Summer Camp Gives Many Gifts for Kids!

Enjoy this article from Common Ground about the benefits of summer camp. … Read entire article »

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Discipline—Can only Come From Anger, Control or Love

Disciplining a child can come from only 3 places; anger, control, or love. If you have parented, grand-parented, babysat, or been a teacher or caretaker for a child, you know that feeling of utter exhaustion, overwhelm, and eventual meltdown that makes the textbook parent into someone they themselves don’t recognize…  screaming, saying unkind works, being too wrapped up in being “right”,  wanting to hurt the other, even those we love the most!  We have all been there either in our mind, or our reactions. Here is some seasoned advice: When your child is out-of-line, breaks and agreement, breaks a rule, taunts you, hurts you or someone else, first, PAUSE ……. —Feel your anger.  Own your anger.  Experience your anger. —Feel your self-control.  Love your control —PAUSE……………………………… —Wait until the anger and control morph into love.  Then … Read entire article »

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