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Through adult understanding of and agreement about our own values, we can identify values and virtues that we want to model and teach to our children.   Parents, teachers and administrators working together have the power to establish “foundational culture” in the family, school, and community that serves to inspire the development of good Values and Virtues. We have many parenting tips for you, based on years of parenting experience, teaching and group work.  Discover how choosing your battles, knowing and asserting your limits and boundaries, and timing can mean the difference between effective and ineffective parenting. The parenting tips included in each one of our talks can serve as some of the most powerful advice you can get in helping your kids to develop good values in life and to aspire to … Read entire article »

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Parenting Teachable Moments

Our children see us, watch us, judge us, and on a rare occasion, listen to or hear us. Our best teachable moments are how we act: While driving While checking out at a store While on the phone to discuss a bill, credit card, etc.-hard time understanding When you make a mistake When you speak to others face to face When you are watching sports on TV When you are at your computer When you are at the airport, on a plane When you are out to dinner When you are exhausted, frustrated, etc. When you are wrong When you lose an argument When you are interacting with your spouse/partner When it is time to vote When you get pulled over by a police officer When you are in a traffic jam When someone cuts you off When someone yells at you When someone flips you off When someone … Read entire article »

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